Ethical Implications For A Counselor Case Study

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The purpose of the paper is to analyze the ethical implications of counselors towards clients. The paper will also identify action of the counselor that will confront a client with their own values and beliefs. It will also identify factors that might lead to refer a client to another provider in order not to deal with ethical issues. There will be also a situation where the counselor will not have the option to referral the client to another counselor or agency.
An ethical implication for a counselor expressing their value to a client can be if the client does not believe in God because they he/she is Atheist. The counselor can persuade to the client that my praying the dilemma that the client is current in can be resolved by praying
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According to Issues and Ethics in the Helping Professions “Counselors are expected to be able to set aside their personal belief and values when working with a wide range of clients.” However, there will be situations where the counselor will not agree with the client but the counselor should not judge their client. A counselor might take a challenge when working with a client if the counselor does not believe in abortions. The counselor can be against abortions but the client will benefit from the abortion because the client might believe that will be the solutions for their current problems. A counselor should not disclose their values and beliefs towards abortion because the counselor is there for the client to support them with their problems. A counselor talking about their personal values and beliefs to the client towards abortion can bring ethical issue towards the client or the client will withdrawal from services because does not agree with their counselor. According to Journals of counseling “They have argued that, because they view same-sex relationships as immoral according to their religious beliefs, they cannot affirm these relationships in a counseling session. Therefore, they are unable to assist these clients effectively, and the ethically appropriate action is to refer them.” If a counselor does not agree with the decision of their client and cannot work with them
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