Ethical Ethics To Torture

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A man struggles to get the water out of his lungs as his torturer removed the cloth and water that he had been using to water board. He sputters and coughs as more water is forced into his lungs over and over. This man just blew up twenty innocent people and is a leader of a terrorist group. The question remains, is it ethical to torture this man for information, or should this be stopped? David Gushee has several things to say on this subject. Torture is a major ethical issue especially with the ever current war on terror and fight against ISIS. Human rights need to be thought of as well because taking somebody and inflicting pain on them and making them suffer for extended periods of time is horrible. Torture brings to light major ethical…show more content…
1)(UN Convention Against Torture, 1985). During war time, the need of information is great and one of the methods to retrieve it is to torture the enemy. However, is this ethical? Is it ethically correct to take somebody to the brink of death and bring them back to receive information? David Gushee disagrees with this and every other form torture. In the article Gushee wrote, 5 Reasons Torture Is Always Wrong, states five points. The first says, “Torture violates the dignity of a human being” (Gushee, Pg. 3). He states that every person has equal rights and they are made in the image of God. He argues that every person has a right to life and torture takes away that right from that person. However, if someone kills hundreds of people does he still have a right to his own life? To answer this question Gushee discusses how torture violates the demands of justice because it abuses power and subjects people to a punishment without a trial. In his third point, he describes the ethical dilemma of giving the government power when torture is used. Despite the gathered intelligence and information from the torture, David Gushee firmly states that torture is wrong no matter what the…show more content…
From a Christian perspective, torture should not be used because all of mankind are sinners and some, by the grace of God, know the truth and have received salvation. So if everyone is a sinner, what right does a man have to torture someone who sinned? He has no right whatsoever. Gushee uses Romans 3 to describe how every individual is a sinner and not to be trusted because power will always be misused (Gushee, Pg. 4). Leaders should have power to help guide and lead others but they should not have the power to take someone’s life and do what they want with it. God created all men and women and children in his image. It, therefore, makes sense to treat everyone with the utmost respect and love because they are a reflection of the omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent God. Torture is also morally unacceptable. This may seem like a simple example, but could a person torture someone in front of Jesus. The answer would probably be no. Jesus was tortured and killed. He died for all. The torture should be
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