Ethical Ethics Of Privacy

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The ethical issue I picked that I thought was most important in this case is privacy. I picked this as the ethical issue because if the pictures are sent to each other than both people involved privacy is compromised. It is not only a legal and policy issue because when their privacy is broken it can change how they feel about their self and how others in the area view them if they find out she sent nude photos. The moral agents in this case in my opinion are both Mary and her boyfriend. I find that Mary is a moral agent because if she sends the nude photo then she is responsible for own actions since she let down her privacy by sending the photo to her boyfriend who could show them to anyone. I also find her boyfriend responsible for…show more content…
Ethical egoism in my own words is when a person believes on their own what is right and wrong and what would happen if they did not act a certain way. Ethical relativism is when a group of people or a society based there opinion on what they think is right and wrong based on the time people and what area believes in. This now leads to now show what each side advice would be from each view for both people involved in this case. From the ethical egoism side would give advice to Mary saying she should do what would be best for her. That she should sexting with him so she does not lose him even though she knows there might be consequences in the long run if things go wrong. So the right thing to do in this theory would be to sext so she stays with her boyfriend. Now from the ethical relativism point of view would say to not sext. Considering a lot of people in the area find sexting to be a bad thing and not appropriate no matter what age you are. They also think that it could hurt her reputation if the pictures get out. That they would tell you to not do it because if anyone in the area would say it wrong and not the appropriate way of talking over text. Then there also can be those few in the society that do not think it’s bad considering of how times have changed and how much we use technology now a
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