Ethical Ethics Of Apple Company

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Assignment 1
Apple Corporation
Sterling Collins
Professor Daniel Goldsmith
BUS 508 Contemporary Business
April 27, 2014
Strayer University

Apple’s Ethical and Social Responsibilities
Apple Inc is a company that sells consumer electronics, computer hardware and software created and started by three gentlemen in Cupertino, CA. Steve Wozniak, Ronald Wayne, and
Steve Jobs wanted to produce and sell personal computers. Mr. Wayne sold his share, sometime later to Mr. Jobs and Mr. Wozniak. This type of investment was extremely risky at that time.
Today, Apple is one of the largest and most formidable computer companies in the world, and is said to be worth approximately $705 Billion dollars. (Finger, 2013) Apple Inc considers itself to be ethically and socially responsible. This belief comes as a result of making considerable efforts and initiating programs to decrease and reduce their carbon footprint. They have also taken measures to make and keep their work environments healthy and safe.
The company has a commitment to protect the Environment, Health, and Safety, (EHS) of employees, customers and communities that it serves. “We recognize that by integrating sound
EHS management practices into all aspects of our business, we can offer technologically innovative products and services while conserving and enhancing resources for future generations. Apple strives for continuous improvement in its EHS management systems and in the environmental quality of our products, processes, and services.” (Apple ,Inc, 2012)

The responsibilities that it has specified in plans have not been completely met but significant accomplishments towards the goal are being made. The goal continues to change as the company

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