Ethical Egoism Pros And Cons Essay

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The Pros and Cons of Ethical Egoism
Ethical egoism is a doctrine that suggests that the ethical principle to follow is one which is in one’s own self-interest. It is a deeply debated topic and an extensively held normative theory. The ethical egoist wonders the reason for considering another people’s interest and what he stands to gain. This essay touches on the pros and cons of ethical egoism and suggests a rule of thumb to follow when handling situations.
In simple terms, ethical egoism directs one’s attention to ventures and activities that would bring the most interests or profits. In another light, it could be said that morality serves to encourage self-interests. That is to say that every time one is morally mandated to do something, doing such promotes self-interest. It is then safe to say that ethical egoism is perception based; one’s view determines the outcome, it is not factual. It is subjective. Russ Shafer-Landau, a renowned Professor of Philosophy, in his book The Fundamentals of Ethics summarizes his approach to the pros of ethical egoism thus:
If you are morally required to do something, then you have a good reason to do it.
If there is good reason for you to do something, then doing it must make you better off.
Therefore, if you are morally required to do something,
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These advantages of ethical egoism together with the disadvantages should be weighed per circumstance and moral codes should be followed when taking decision for no two circumstances are exactly alike. In conclusion, having examined the consequences of the benefits and disadvantages of ethical egoism, I can say that ethical egoism seems to have a strong influence as to why individuals make certain decisions. Ethical egoism is not bad in itself, for one saves himself to save others. An individual cannot thrive if they stifle their needs to help
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