Ethical Dilemmas Of Same-Sex Marriage

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Hadassah Vargas
May 4, 2014
BUSN 120

The main Ethical Dilemma identified in the article is “Wedding Business Service provider refuse to provide services to same-sex marriages on religious basis is anti-discrimination.” There is no evidence in law of antidiscrimination to prove that refusal of services from any company is mean to be antidiscrimination. First of all, it is not an anti-discrimination act but the religious belief, secondly it is clearly written in the law that anti-discrimination legislation has exemption on religious basis [1]. According to article:
"There are plenty of florists who could provide arrangements for same-sex weddings," said lawyer of Ms. Stutzman; a florist, Dale Schowengerdt. "The state has no good reason to cause my client to violate her own conscience."
Similar things happened to Cake-maker Jack Phillips in July 2012, argues that “Selling cakes to same-sex marriages would violets his right to free expression” [2]. This means that enforcing business person to give services unwontedly is the violation of another law “Freedom of Expression”
Bakery owners Aaron and Melissa Klein have said they serve customers regardless of their sexual orientation but do not want to provide services for same-sex weddings because of their religious beliefs which means going in same-sex wedding is to be promoting them. It is clear from their statement that there is no discrimination among the customer.
Recently, Kensas House approved a bill allowing service refusal to same-sex couples. State Rep. Charles Macheers, R-Shawnee, said on the House floor that his bill prevents discrimination. “Discrimination is horrible. It’s hurtful … It has no place in civiliz...

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...eferred to as “conscience clauses.” Robin Fretwell Wilson, Matters of Conscience: Lessons for Same-Sex Marriage from the Healthcare Context, in SAMESEX MARRIAGE AND RELIGIOUS LIBERTY: EMERGING CONFLICTS (Anthony R. Picarello Jr., Douglas Laycock, and Robin Fretwell Wilson, eds., 2008).
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