Ethical Dilemmas Of Assisted Suicide

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Are we all living to die? And if so should we have a choice on how we die? There are many ethical dilemmas surrounding assisted suicide. What things will dictate our right to die: terminal illness, depression, or your constitution rights? The Bill of Rights state in the eighth amendment, “ nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted”, so would it be considered cruel inflicted punishment to deny a person with a terminal illness and a few agonizing months to live the right to end their suffering sooner? A health care professional takes an oath to preserve life and wellness so assisting a person with suicide would jeopardize their ethical and moral duty to their profession. Also, take into consideration if it is appropriate that assisted suicide holds up the health professional ethical principles of beneficence, and autonomy for the patient. Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.

Humans can not choose they way they were bought into this world, so shouldn’t the way you exit be your decision not the government; especially when you are dying of a terminal illness slowly? There are
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That may be the reason why the ability to decreases the value of human life shouldn’t be in the hand of humans. Assisted suicide can open the floodgates for anyone to medically end their life even if they are not ill. Also this proposes a culture and religions problem. To commit suicide will give you a one-way ticket to hell. Consequently, it is harder on love ones to know where you may spend eternity. Is there really dignity in taking your own life? Or are you choosing to give up. Terminal ill patients feel they may loose this battle “life” so instead of fighting they would rather waive the white flag and tap out. Which to a healthy person may not make sense because the patient may have to move to a state that assisted suicide is illegal and go though all the legal work to get the permission to
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