Ethical Dilemmas In The Health Professional

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In all situations, regardless of qualifications, health professionals must weigh up the ethical and legal obligations they have to not only their patients but also family present at the scene. This is particularly relevant in today’s society as communities are becoming more culturally diverse, where many cultures expect a different approach to a sick or dying loved one. This essay will describe five terms that must be considered by the health professional, in which related directly to an ethical approach, along with the legal aspects when participating in an out of hospital resuscitation. It will also examine ethical dilemmas when working the patient’s family, of whom are from a different cultural background.
During a medical event, whether
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Beneficence and non-maleficence come into context with this, as the resuscitation team will endeavour do what is best for the patient and make them more comfortable. Relief of symptoms such as shortness of breath and pain should be given as this will allow for dignified passing of the patient.
In today’s society, health professionals encounter people from all walks of life, making it essential for those working in the health industry to comprehend justice, the fifth ethical principle. Buchanan, (2008) describes justice as all patients having the same rights to medical treatment, regardless of age, ethnicity, gender or religious beliefs. At times, this can be difficult as our own values may come into question. Providing treatment to criminals, drug-abusers and those with ‘a troubled history’ should be the same as treatment given to any other member of society.
Like that of the ethical principles above, the legalities of treatment, whether it be in hospital or out of the clinical environment, must be understood and abided by all health practitioners. Standing orders, out of scope practices and patient rights are all involved in the process of determining treatment
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