Ethical Dilemma In Nursing Case Study

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Nurse professionals face ethical dilemmas on a daily basis and more often than the average professional. Ethical dilemmas can arise from many aspects in the nursing job. Although, one person thinks one thing is right someone else can think it is wrong. The primary issue in this scenario is whether I should inform my superiors of what I witnessed or should I keep quiet? The Code of Ethics in Nurses and Ethical Principles are what Nurses use to tackle dilemmas. In Sarah’s scenario I am tasked into choosing what I would do. As a future nurse I would take oaths to uphold standards of practice, ethical principles and codes ethics. Albeit, a conflicting situation with a decision, I would have to make one.
The scenario holds a few stakeholders:
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The patients under Sarah’s care have the right and expect safe and effective care. The superiors have the right to a competent employee who will not cause harm to the patients and/or the facility. The facility has the right to expect non-dangerous actions by their employees. As a friend I would want to further investigate and even give my friend a chance to explain their situation. However, as a future professional nurse I know what my duties are. I know that every action has a consequence. If I do not report what I saw I risk my license; if Sarah manages to cause harm to a patient. If I report her I risk losing the trust of a friend. I would risk a reputation of tattling. I would ultimately risk my friendship with Sarah. According to the American Nurses association (ANA, 2015), the code of ethics has 9 major provisions. Specifically, provisions three and five are what a nurse professional would look into for this situation. Provision Three: The nurse promotes, advocates for and strives to protect the health, safety, and rights of the patient (ANA, 2015). This provision clearly states that as a nurse my ethical duty is to provide protection and safety to my patients. If I refused to report…show more content…
Unfortunately, the situation is uncomfortable because of who it will effect. I know my decision to inform my superiors of my suspicions, is the correct thing to do for me. This is especially because Sarah is in the care of patients and could cause severe harm to them. This outcome has the greatest benefits to all the stakeholders. Specifically, the patients will not be in harm 's way. Also, I believe that Sarah is in need of help. Sarah would hopefully be a candidate for rehabilitation and supervision in lieu of losing her job and license. Sarah may not see it in that moment. Conclusively, as a future nurse professional there are duties that need to be followed. These duties and standards are based on the ultimate fact that we have people’s lives on our hands. Errors can mean life or death and as a nurse we are responsible for
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