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An ethical dilemma, also called an ethical paradox refers to a situation that involves conflict between moral beliefs and practices in which any choice made will result to transgressing the other. Resolving ethical dilemma can be a difficult task and it needs critical analysis in order to reach at the best solution. As an employee at an educational institution, one may think that all employees and other staff will uphold high professional standards, but that is not always the case. Before joining University of Phoenix, I was employed at one of the biggest universities in the country, which has eight campuses in South Florida, implying that it has people from diverse cultures and backgrounds. The Experience As an employee for the Quick Copy…show more content…
Professor Kevin was called and we had a long conversation on the chairperson’s office. I explained to both of them why I did what I did. I told them that I was following the rules regarding making copies and I was doing o to protect myself and the school too. Allowing copying without consent from the publisher would have made the school to be sued and myself being sued and lose my job. I told them the right procedure to follow if one wants to make copies. As required by the law, one is supposed to write to the publisher. I also explained to Professor Kevin that he was supposed to show me respect regardless of my position and the way he had acted was unprofessional. He understood and apologized to me. He went ahead to write to the publisher who responded back, allowing us to make copies. Professor Kevin thanked me a lot and praised me for upholding high professional ethics in my…show more content…
When faced with professional and ethical dilemma, one is supposed to stand firm by the truth and make wise decisions on solving it. it is very essential as professionals to have conflict resolution

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