Ethical Dilemma Case Study

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Ethics are defined as a system of values and beliefs which investigate human’s actions are rightness and wrongness (Trevino & Nelson, 2011). In particular circumstance as the result of awareness differences of ethics, humanity may reply the same action in many different ways and may cause psychological conflicts. In other words, a situation in which there is no obvious right or wrong solution, these kinds of conflicts are called ethical dilemmas. Conflicts may occur in human living environment (Ghillyer, 2010). In this case, Alan and John both work as procurement officers responsible for souring suppliers but only one positions will be available between them, Jenny is unsure whether she should do John a favour to give him a job, because he has formed a friendship with Jenny and other situation and involved in ethical dilemmas. Firstly, two ethical theories were mentioned. Again use two relevant of solving ethical dilemmas in addition with the suitable theory. In this paragraph, according to William H, Vincent, and George (2009) doctor defines ethical dilemmas as “a situation which is no oblivious wrong or right, fairness or unfairness, good or bad and justice and injustice decision, note that there isn’t a proscribed right or wrong answer here. The choice depends; it’s about a right or right answer” (p. 6). Dilemma is a complex situation which often involves an apparent mental conflict between moral imperatives, in which to obey one would issue in transgressing another (“Wikipedia,” n.d.). In Jenny’s case, she was present in the problem that she cannot decided whether she should do John a favour to give the job to him. In this situation no matter which people was selected, the other would be get harms from Jenny’s decision. Anyw... ... middle of paper ... that provides best happiness when an action is right, and also insist that humanity might enjoy doing thing built on the benefits as far as possible they would harvest. Whether Jenny gives the job to John or not, the benefits of the Omax Company still carry on the same as before the decision made. In different consideration that egoism also is an important ethical point. Egoism also called self-interest. As Self-interest is the basic starting point and end with ideological system and moral principles. Jenny do a favour gives a job to John, after that; there is still a friendship between John and Jenny. In John’s benefits that he still having income stability helps him out of the trouble, avoid something distasteful wills happened in his life. In the real society, to the best of one’s abilities pick up the solutions for the ethical dilemmas which with least harms.

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