Ethical Dilemma Analysis

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Throughout the human life one is faced with numerous ethical dilemmas. The scenario presented for analysis in this case is a famous and important hypothetical situation that has copious ethical perspectives that can be applied to it. There are three primary viewpoints that these ethical interpretations can be applied to: the husband, the wife, and the storeowner. Each individual has arguments for and against their actions, and through the analysis of each argument and ethical perspective my personal solution to the dilemma can be reached. The first perspective in this ethical dilemma that is worth analyzing is that of the husband. The husband must choose between stealing another’s property and intellectual work and saving his wife’s life.…show more content…
Her ethical dilemma is similar to the husbands, but more heavily focused on finding a way to continuing living. Life and death are the most important aspects of our existence; we do whatever we can to ensure we live as long as possible. With this in mind, the wife more than likely doesn’t particularly care how she receives the drug, just that it is obtained with enough time to save her life. Her approach to the situation is that simple, and it follows the concept of the end justifying the means. The end is her life being saved, and she thinks whatever means are used (within reason, I doubt she could justify a mass murder or something along those lines) justifies her end goal of survival. This is a very primitive and natural way of thinking, and one that is often resorted to when we are on our deathbed. Naturally, humans (and all creatures) live in order to maximize their lifespan. Whatever is necessary to extend the life is sought out and implemented, it is simply what is naturally occurring. There must be consideration about her happiness in regards to her husband, however. If her husband is convicted of theft and jailed, how will that affect her happiness? To her husband, he probably is doing whatever he can to save her life and isn’t thinking about the legal consequences. From her view, she must consider the pros and cons of living, and living with her husband imprisoned indefinitely. The husband and wife have similar thought processes and are both concerned with saving her life. The storeowner has a contrasting ethical dilemma, and it is one that can be analyzed in a variety of different

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