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Ethical Dilemma Gina Mathew Chamberlain College of Nursing As a health care worker, it is evident that we come across certain situations where it is difficult to make a choice regarding a patient’s care. Many dilemmas arise in healthcare, but it is our obligation to make sure that the patient is given the best care possible. In order to make the most optimal decision, we have to weigh the pros and cons to both choices and pick the best, particularly for that patient. It is crucial for any healthcare worker to put his or her own judgments, values, and beliefs aside and understand the patient’s values and beliefs to guide the decision making in the right direction. In this scenario, a twelve-year-old patient with a traumatic brain injury following a motor vehicle accident has left him debilitated and has two other siblings at home. The dilemma is whether the best care would be provided at home or at a skilled nursing facility. Those involved in this dilemma are the child, parents, siblings, nurses at the nursing facility, a social worker, and the physician. The interdisciplinary team is essential; they all have specific roles to help with the child’s health and wellness. The parents and siblings are his family, and they should always be informed on the child’s status. The child is twelve years old and children need their family as stability through their growth and development. The nurses are there to assist the child in self care management, to promote comfort, and to prevent further complications. The social worker collaborates with the healthcare team members and the family to help make arrangements for the child’s care and a possible support group for the family. The physician also plays a huge role by doing assessments, a... ... middle of paper ... ... of his quality of life and then ultimately more independence. If he improves on his functionality, he may eventually be able to go home and be with his family. With the usage of these resources and the skilled nursing facility, the family will be able to cope with the child’s condition and still play a vital role in his life. When facing a dilemma, there are advantages and disadvantages to every alternative but nurses need to remind themselves what it is to be a nurse. Nurses have to advocate for providing dignified and humane care. Therefore, the skilled nursing facility is the most favorable choice because it is best for the child. References American Nurses Association. (2001). Code of ethics for nurses with interpretive statements. Washington, DC: American Nurses Publishing. Hyatt, K. S. (2014). Mild Traumatic Brain Injury. American Journal of Nursing, 36-42.

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