Ethical Decision Making The Acme Way

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Introduction Ethical Decision Making… Why Do We Need It? To understand “ethical decision making” it is best to break the phrase up. What is the definition of ethics? According to the website (2011), ethics are “basic concepts and fundamental principles of right human conduct.” It stands to reason that ethical decision making is the ability to make decisions based on core or base principles of correct human conduct. We at Acme Toy Company depend on employees at all levels to make the “right” choices when it comes to business decisions and their own conduct. How do we support them in their ethical decision making? 1.1 Purpose The purpose of this report is to provide Acme Toy Company with two strategies that we could implement to not only foster but to ensure that ethical decision making is happening at all levels of our company. 2. Strategy #1 for Ethical Decision Making - Creation of Acme Toy Company Code of Ethics 2.1 Purpose The Acme Code of Ethics would be an official company outline that would list conduct expectations not only at the company level but for all employees. The code of ethics will provide the scaffolding on which our business practices are built and ethical decision making is based. 2.2 Benefit Acme toy Company would benefit from a code of ethics in the fact that it would guide and help with the understanding of acceptable conduct at all levels of the organization; It would be used for evaluation processes of, not only our employees, but our day to day operating business practices as well making sure that when we make decisions on behalf of the company they are in tune with company philosophy. A code of ethics would set an obtainable goal of behavior an... ... middle of paper ... ...hoice based on what a proper human would do. We have the opportunity in our organization to not only facilitate, but to ensure this capability by implementing two strategies, the creation and of the Acme Code of Ethics document which will serve as a guide to all personnel and the creation of the position of Code of Ethics Compliance Manager. A person whose professional responsibility is to oversee that the codes of ethics are being adhered to by all employees, and that ethical decision making is being practiced at all levels of Acme Toy Company. Works Cited ethics. Retrieved November 15, 2011, from website: Walmart Ethics. (n.d.). Walmart Ethics. Retrieved November 16, 2011, from

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