Ethical Decision Making Model Essay

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Two Ethical Decision-Making Models How do we make ethical decision-making when to help clients with their ethical dilemmas without going against the ACA code of ethic. As a counselor, you have to make sure you don 't oppose your moral and value, toward the clients it best that both your client and you work together to make the decision together where it is the client thought, and you support their opinion. Principle Ethic Strenght: Kitchener 's (1984) states that model based on five ethical principles are autonomy, and justice, beneficence, nonmaleficence, fidelity. When applying fundamental principle into a client- counselor relationship it is important that the counselor uses these steps fundamental step in an ethical decision-making process with the clients who…show more content…
It believed the mental health professionals should adhere to the rational-evaluative process found in the most model but should also incorporate a feeling-intuitive process to acknowledge the emotional experience of the clinician, recognize the power differential in the therapeutic relationship, and identify and address any potential cultural biases present in the decision-making process. This model contains several step as well" recognizing a problem, defining the problem, developing solutions, choosing a solution, reviewing the process, implementing and evaluating the decision, and continuing to reflect. Throughout the process, clinicians move back and forth between a cognitive analysis of a situation and internal assessment of their emotional experience of the dilemma. Strengths: Understanding that there is a problem and recognizing that the problem and finding a solution to the ACA code of ethic standard to help the client with the problem. The second strength is that it is a more holistic model of ethical decision making in that it accounts for a wider range of human factors in the
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