Ethical Decision Making Model Essay

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My model revisited
My own model is crafted from another model or guideline I learned briefly in my undergraduate program here at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV). It involved eight steps and resonated with me because it was very simple, yet very effective. I have frequently used these steps in my two jobs outside of school as a PSR/BST worker in the community and as a graduate assistant at the Partnership for Research, Assessment, Counseling, Therapy, and Innovative Clinical Education (the PRACTICE). The first and easiest step I use is identifying the problem(s). The second step is to identify and brainstorm the potential issues involved. Third, would be looking at the ethical code or any guidelines that may be involved. Fourth, is to consider any laws and regulations involved. The fifth guideline is to seek any consultation or supervision if it is possible at that time. Sixth, is to brainstorm possible courses of action alone or if unsure
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It has given me a deeper understanding of how ethics work and how I can modify my ethical decision making model to fit the needs of my clients and myself (e.g. using many ethical models when needed). It has opened me up to feeling more comfortable with ethical decision-making and working through ethical decisions one step at a time. Making ethical decisions may be challenging for seasoned clinicians as well as newer clinicians, but one thing is for sure taking time to outweigh options is what makes a clinician a great ethical counselor. This is the overall theme that I have learned from this class and I believe being able to discuss these cases critically is what leads to being able to handle any ethical dilemmas as a counselor. The more one can discuss and participate in discussions the more one can handle these ethical situations on their
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