Ethical Decision Making Essay

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Ethical decisions are ones that everybody makes everyday either knowing it or not. Ethical decisions are not ones that are right or wrong but ones that take deep thought about them to make that decision. I myself had a situation in which I had to make an ethical decision. My situation was that my best friend Eddie got a sexually transmitted disease that is harming him and he asks me not to tell his girlfriend Amber about it or his family about it. Eddie got chlamydia and herpes from messing around with another girl but does not want amber to know because he know she will break up with him if she finds out. Eddie also believes that his fellow friends with act a certain way after find out that Eddie got chlamydia and herpes from another girl that was not his girlfriend. Eddie situation affected me a lot, because he was my best friend and I felt bad for him to be in a situation like that. I was also close to Amber, Eddie and the friends that we all knew and hang out with. The stress of Eddie situation made it hard to see Eddie and Amber together and knowing that Amber didn’t know Eddie cheated on her and that he has a sexually transmitted disease that affects Ambers life just as much as Eddies life. I thought about how Eddie would feel if I told Amber and what would Amber do if I told her. I thought that it was better that Amber think know about Eddie’s situation because I knew Eddie was sorry about it and he wouldn’t do anything like that again to Amber because he really cares for her and he really messed up but he derives to have a second chance to try and make it better. I know most people would say it was wrong not letting Amber know but I believe in the long run that it was the best decision to do in that situation. Three grea... ... middle of paper ... ...he more prospective I have before making my decision is great because actually making my final decision. The three philosophers made me think about if I made the right ethical decision. The one that made me think about it in a deeper thought was Kant categorical imperative. This is because I thought if holding someone promise or trust always the best thing to do. Was it the right choice to keep Eddie promise? Yes or no? In addition, does that mean that everybody in the world needs to keep his or her promises? Keeping someone, promise is not always good because I broken promise can better influence a person more then just keeping the promise. From reading about Kant I like his philosophy, I feel that more people should know about it, and try to. I will try to share his philosophy will my friends and anybody who comes to me asking for advice on their ethical problem.
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