Ethical Decision Making Case Study

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The process of ethical decision making involves nine steps that include gathering the facts, defining the ethical issues, identifying the affected stakeholders, identifying consequences and the obligations. The other steps also include considering one’s integrity and character, thinking creatively about the actions to be taken, listening to one’s gut, and deciding on proper ethical action to be taken as one prepares to deal with opposing arguments (Ferrell, John & Linda, 130). These steps, when keenly followed, would save us from getting into ethical dilemmas, of which an example of such, is presented in the case study. There were three students who went to the Campus Library to conduct their online literature research assignment. Blake found a website with cheap online term papers and vowed to buy if he found the one that relates to his topic of research. Jenifer who has…show more content…
Therefore, Sharon vowed to report Blake to the professor so that he can stop the habit. Jenifer, on the other hand, reacted by keeping quiet and continuing with her work. It seems that Jenifer was in an ethical dilemma and was still synthesizing the situation (Werhane, 64). If Jenifer is gullible enough to think the situation seemed promising, then she may join Blake. If she sees the condition was not favorable, then she could remain loyal to her integrity. The presented situation really showed two ethical issues (Ferrell, John & Linda, 130). First, there is an ethical (positive) issue since it was appropriate for Blake to find the cheap term paper to assist him in conducting his research. Another one is an unethical (negative) issue because Blake did not want do his research work by buying term paper related to his research topic and then sending it to the professor as his
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