Ethical Decision: Five Steps To The Best Moral Decision

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When it comes to making an ethical decision everyone, has their steps and processes to reach their best moral decision. My purpose for this essay to show you how I reach the best ethical decision. I have selected five steps from several of the class readings that coincide with what I believe to be ethical and moral. I have used Baker’s model and his interpretation of Kidder’s model, Josephson’ Model and Patterson and Wilkins examples. That best works with my ethical and moral principles and me. By the end of this essay, you will be able to see my process and understand my reasons for following these step. For my first step, I have selected the Baker-Kidder’s model because it forces me to look at the core problem. By “recognizing the moral”…show more content…
How can I know if what I am doing is for the welfare of others? I would have to follow my three previous steps, and if I would have to consider their concerns. I would have to evaluate each decision and see if I benefit from it and if others would suffer from that decision. A great example is Dr. Oz Diet plan; he was promoting a diet pill that could “burn you fat away permanently”. Ensuring his viewers that the product will make them lose the weight without exercising and without a proper diet. Dr. Oz went on to promote another product promising his viewers they could lose 18 pounds in 22 weeks. Dr. Oz responsibility was to promote a healthy lifestyle with the real method to leading live a healthy life. Dr. Oz attended a Senate hearing on his claims about the weight-loss supplement. The reason I have included Josephson 's Golden Kantian Consequentialism because he provides a structure on how people should make ethical choices. Josephson has an example of how a journalist should make an ethical action, like worry about how an action could affect the subject (the person the article is about) or how it could affect the readers. I have included this example to my ethical decision-making process since it supports with my previous steps. "Help when you can avoid harm when you can."(Josephson, page 18) Without this structure, I wouldn 't be making an ethical

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