Eternity Comes with a Price in Stephanie Meyer's Breaking Dawn

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Spending eternity with your soul mate sounds like the ultimate dream come true, but what if eternity came with a price? Twilight: Breaking Dawn by Stephanie Meyer is a romantic novel based on the hardships of marriage and family for main characters, Bella Swan and Edward Cullen. Most of the story of Breaking Dawn takes place in Forks, Washington at the Cullen house and in Bella and Edward's new cottage in the woods. There's also a short jump to Isle Esme, just off the coast of Brazil, where Edward and Bella spend their honeymoon. Some major themes in the story are; true love, sacrifice, choices, and suffering. True love conquers all, but sacrifices and choices must be made in order to have a happy ending. The story immediately jumps into the wedding preparations right of the bat. Alice is the wedding planner and goes overboard with the whole thing but it turns out to be a spectacular event for Bella and Edward. Once they are married, Edward takes Bella to Isle Esme, an island Carlisle gave to Esme as a present. There Edward fulfills his end of the bargain, making love to Bella; which in turn of events gets her pregnant. Bella almost immediately falls in love the child, while Edward wants to save Bella from the monster he has created. The book then goes into the perspective of Jacob Black, Bella’s best friend. The book grasps your attention by allowing the readers to fully understand his love for Bella, how being alpha runs through his blood, and the journey he undergoes to save the girl he loves. However, the plot thickens when Bella gives birth and Jacob is the one who has to kill the baby but then imprints, love at first sight, on the newborn. He then dedicates his entire life to the well-being of Reneesme. The book then switch... ... middle of paper ... ...ur way to rescue you…she lied to Jasper so that he wouldn’t come after us. She knew that if he faced to Volturi, he would die. She was willing to die herself rather than put him in danger” (Bella Swan, pg. 564) Breaking Dawn is a book that moves readers, it makes them feel like love can drive out anything, hate, darkness, danger, that nothing can stand in the way if people truly love each other; not only, the love of two people, but the love of family as well. The Cullens throughout the whole saga never once gave up on each other they stood by each other and guided one another into the right direction. Each character sacrificed something of their selves to save their loved one or to help them. Yet with each sacrifice came a gain, happiness. “Happiness expanded like an explosion inside me-so extreme so violent that I wasn’t sure I’d survive it” (Bella Swan, pg. 741)

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