Et Tu Brute: The Man Who Lost It All

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Et Tu Brute: The Man Who Lost It All

In Shakespeare’s Tragedy of Julius Caesar; Brutus truly looses everything, giving him the rightful name of tragic hero. Brutus lives in the golden age of the Roman era. He is one of the most honored men that walks the street; but while supposedly trying to protect his beloved country from tyranny, he looses everything and helps raise chaos and the exile of patriots. Brutus is seduced into the idea of blood for freedom, thus killing his closest friend Caesar. Through his mistake he looses his name, home, and faces the demise of his wife and himself. Brutus truly is the tragic hero of Tragedy of Julius Caesar.

Brutus made a voluminous amount of irreversible flaws that cause his own disappointment and demise. His first mistake is the killing of his loyal and trusting friend, Caesar and not giving just cause to the crowd he gathered. “As he was valiant, I honor him; but as he was ambitious, I slew him.. ” (948). We can see from Brutus’ statement that Caesar did not plan his speech very carefully; and we also can predict how virulent this mistake may turn out. Brutus decided to walk a violent and brutal path rather than a democratic, tactical path. Brutus’ second mistake was not involving Ciccero the poet. Ciccero could have helped sway the general public to the conspirators liking. Brutus’ third and possibly most devastating flaw was letting Antony, the beloved ally of Caesar, make a speech after him. This gave Antony a high advantage over the crowd’s thoughts and decisions over the assassination. “And you shall speak in the pulpit whereto I am going. After my speech is ended.” (945). Brutus is a noble man, but he is no politician. Brutus gives Anthony speaking rights to “strengthen” thei...

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...the Republic. “..not that I loved Caesar less, but that I loved Rome more.” (948). Brutus knew that the loyalty of his fellow Romans swaying towards him was a fickle and ever changing chance. Brutus put everything on the line in the name of the Republic; and in the name of the Republic did he loose everything. Brutus did cause nearly every ounce of pain he endured, but at least he had good intentions. In the end, Brutus does deserve our respect and pity.

Brutus is by far the tragic hero of Tragedy of Julius Caesar, and one of the most memorable tragic heroes in literature’s history. Brutus causes his demise through is flaws and follies, evolves into the character he ends as, and faces enlightenment. History will forever remember Brutus as the man who lost everything for a mistake he made in the name of something he loved. “Et tu Brute, Then fall Caesar!” (951).
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