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The federal government should not make English the national language of the United States of America because not everyone speaks it. Even though it is the most common spoken language do not forget about those who do not know it. The government can not force anyone to learn or know any language. If English did become the official language those who do not know it would have trouble. They would not know how to speak, it so they would probably make mistakes. While the ones that do know it, make fun of them. We would not have any cultural diversity here in the United States. If we only knew and spoke English that would be all we would be able to study about. In our future all of the only English speakers would not be able to communicate with their families, due to the fact that they would only be able to speak English. The United States is a nation that is built by immigrants. Many argue that what makes America America are the different mix of cultures. If we bilingual speakers would approve it as our official language we would be selfish. We would just be thinking of about us and not the others surrounding us. If we sat down and though about all the difficulties they would have to face in the process of learning it; they would not be able to read anything so they would have to get help. They would not know if what they are doing or saying is right. English has been the primary language used here in the United States, but the number of non-English speaking immigrants increases. If English did become the official language the government would be responsible for providing the non-English speakers with assistance. This would affect the entire nation. So many Americans feel the need to not only make English the official language in ... ... middle of paper ... ...China and Mexico. If the Federal government declared English as the national language it would seem or look like if we were trying to isolate ourselves from others. Like if we would only want English speakers around us, and not want to learn about other cultures. This would make many people think they have to learn it in order to live here, so no one would want to be a part of our nation. It should say how it is because mostly everyone is happy, without an official language. Works Cited Muñoz, C. n.d., n. pag., . N.p.. Web. 19 Mar 2014. .Boyer, G.. N.p.. Web. 20 Mar 2014. .

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