Establishing Ethos!

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“Establishing Ethos!”

During one strange afternoon my older brother arrived home with blood seeping down his hands. He gradually walked towards the medicine cabinet and pulls out a roll of ace hard rap and sanitation wipes. The funny thing was that the whole entire time he was patching up his injured hands, he had the most sinister grin on his face. The telephone rang. It was the police wanting to come and pick up my brother for questioning. As I saw the police come and escort my brother out the house, all I saw on my brother’s face was a grin. We all knew what he had done. No one said anything. My mom just gathered her belongings and left.

I know what you’re thinking, what did he do to get the police to arrest him? Why were his hands bleeding? Why was there a grin on his face? I stated this story to make a point; the most important thing in the world is violence. Some people today are going around causing violence and chaos just because they’re stronger than others. This is like war. When some people don’t see eye to eye with one another they tend to disagree with each other and instead of communicating with one another, they resort to brutality, rage, and destruction. That’s why I suggest to the world, instead of fighting, take the simple approach and just talk things through. I propose first to discuss the disagreement, followed by a brief moment of elaboration towards the conflict, and then determine how the conflict will affect both parties; finally, discuss a solution to the predicament at hand. During the Persian Gulf War alone we lost over 441 soldiers and 776 wounded due to the lack of communication amongst the countries; all of this could have been avoided by simply this. Instead of killing one another, we can merely ...

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... the best solution to your problems it isn’t, it’s better to show that the problem itself is irrelevant.” In today’s society some people believe that violence is the solution to all our problems, but it’s not. If the world today would think, before acting. Then there would be less hostility, death, devastation, and turmoil left in this world. For every problem there is always a solution, but it’s up to you to find that solution and make the best of it.

“Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.(Maria Robinson).” The theory of life demonstrates how as humans where entitled to mistakes; that as humans we use our past errors to better our future. But if we let ourselves fall for a false world of chaotic destruction, we will never learn from our mistakes and we will be trapped in a cycle of never ending death.

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