Essentials To Public Health Ethics

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Public health is a multitudinous field which draws from various different facets of knowledge. The concept and field of public health is one that cannot be defined simply in black and white terms. Instead, public health remains in a state of gray. This is due to the fact that many of the actions and precautions that public health officials enact are beneficial to some groups, yet detrimental to others. Public health officials work at all levels, including the federal, state, and local level. These officials discuss and enact health-related policies that are implemented in order to protect the community’s health and prevent illness, disease, injury, and even death. Therefore, public health officials confer and discuss numerous decisions and…show more content…
To begin, the text explains public health and the implications it has towards the individual’s and community’s health. This idea then branches off stating that the decisions that are necessary to public health must include an ethical background in order to decide on correct solutions to public health issues. This, ultimately, causes controversy among different groups in the United States. This ideal is expressed in the text, as the author states “Public health is an ethical enterprise, resting on moral foundations, yet some public health interventions appear to threaten or compromise other moral norms, such as liberty, privacy, and confidentiality. Hence, public health decisions are sometimes ethically fraught” (Childress and Bernheim 3). This quote states that, although public health follows specific ethical policies, there are many policies and interventions enacted that go against individual liberties in the United States in order to provide proper health to all individuals. I personally chose this statement, as it describes many of the pros and cons found in numerous public health decisions. Many decisions related to public health are not simple, since these policies affect not only the primary group of focus, but also all other individuals in society. Due to this fact, the policies made are often controversial due to this infringement on liberties, since it is the foundation of our country. I believe that this statement is important to the text and to public health ethics as it ultimately describes the main controversy found in public health today. Currently, public health officials must navigate through this controversy in order to benefit a major part of the individuals in our society. Thus, it is important to discuss this statement and this controversy as, without these decisions made, the United States would not
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