Essential Safety Video on Flights

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A well rounded airline safety video should express the fundamentals of safety. According to the National Transport Safety Board passengers must be presented with safety information specific to the aircraft. The video must include the following information on: smoking, emergency exit locations, safety belt, signs and the location and use of flotation devices. If the flight goes above 25000 feet then the instructions on how to use oxygen masks should be added (NTSB 61). In addition airlines must keep the audience focused on the screen. Airlines contemplate whether to make their video long and more interesting to keep their passengers attention, or reduce the length of the video to make it short but still informative. Safety videos that are short and straight to the point are more effective, because passengers are more likely to lose their interest if the briefing takes too long. The Emirates video is successful in demonstrating the information in a swift and simple way. It incorporates visual effects which make the video seem sophisticated and new, for example the seatbelt tightens by itself and the briefcase is stored in the overhead storage without the help of an airhostess. The absence of an airhostess helps quicken the briefing as most safety videos rely on the airhostess to assist the passenger which is unnecessary. The video was narrated with good diction and understandable voice. This is beneficial to the airline as most of their passengers are from different cultures. The location of the flotation device was narrated but they didn’t show the whereabouts of it on the screen. The video can be considered boring compared to the upbeat tone of the Virgin America video however the length of the video was short an... ... middle of paper ... ...the plane but it still manages to give a better depiction of the general interior of the aircraft compared to the other two briefings. The other two videos are far more engaging and memorable than the Emirates briefing the length of those videos is far too long. Ultimately the videos seem overdone. Emirates recognizes that the attention span of a passenger is short; hence they made their video use the minimum possible amount of time. The video was unpretentious which makes it easy to follow. Virgin America and Air New Zealand used extremely long videos that are stuffed with unnecessary material that shorten the already waning attention span of their passengers. Passengers would consequently prefer shorter videos that are straight to the point. The emirates safety briefing is successful in meeting the criteria as well as keeping the video straight to the point.
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