Essay on the Setting in Curtain of Green

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The Setting in Curtain of Green Place is one of the most distinctive factors in the development of Eudora Welty's writing and in her own evaluation of fiction in general. Welty considers setting to be a powerful tool for a writer of fiction. She sees setting as a way to provide roots for her characters and a realistic basis for her stories (Vande Kieft 8). In more general terms, Welty feels that place is so inherently important to the writing and receiving of fiction as a whole because of the set of feelings that are often associated with various places and the added realism that is gained by characters who are defined by their place (9). Welty's attitudes toward her settings are also important. Raised in Mississippi, the setting for nearly all of her stories, Welty possesses an understanding of the region, built through experience, that flourishes in her writing. Welty views setting as a vehicle through which she can provide roots for her characters (8). The union between setting and characters allows the reader to see the character in his setting, which ad...
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