Essay Three

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"The way they pay you, you cannot make it by yourself without having a second job or someone to help you, unless you've been there for 20 years or you're a manager" (607). That is what one of Wal-Mart employees say, and it is the sad reality for many other low wage workers. Low wage is not enough to raise and support a family it’s not even enough to support one person by himself. Many low wage workers have to work second jobs just to scratch a living. Low wage workers are not adequately compensated for what they do, they benefit the American economy and the business owners but they don't even make enough money to support their families. Most low wage workers use the government welfare system. Businesses make huge profits off low wage workers while low wage workers struggle to make a decent living. After all the hard work that low wage workers do businesses don't sacrifice any portion of their profits to make their low wage employees self-sufficient. Most low wage workers use the government welfare system and also the government health insurance program. These programs are funded by the tax payers. The money that is collected by the tax payers is not spent on what is should be spent on. Instead of funding education or paying the national debt off with tax money. Tax money is directed towards social security programs and insurance related programs. Society is correcting the mistakes of big greedy businesses. According to the center on budget and policy website, 24% of tax money is spent on social security, and 22% of tax money is spent on Medicare, Medicaid, and CHIP. Most of that 46% is dedicated to fix big businesses mistakes. Why are low wage workers paid so little for what they do, are there jobs easy to do and useless to soc... ... middle of paper ... ...any people, they get so little raise no matter how hard they work. A lot of low wage workers can’t support their families, they need to work over time or even work seven days a week. So many low wage workers work two or three jobs just to scratch a living and support their families. Big businesses don’t consider helping their hard working employees by giving them a raise, because so many low wage workers are afraid to speak they are afraid from losing their jobs. I think that the best solution for this problem is to pass a law that require all employers to increase their wages every year according to the profits they make. That solution will force all employers to award their hard working employees. I believe that this way will decrease the amount of tax money spent of fixing big businesses mistakes, and will make the life quality of low wage workers much better.
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