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Plaguing this world is sadness and depression. People feel useless and wish not to be here anymore. There is a time in many people’s lives where they feel that ending it is the only way to make everything better. They feel that suicide is the answer that they seek in their sadness and they want to end it as quickly as possible. Being one of those people, I know that sometimes suicide seems like the best answer to a situation that may leave a person feeling worthless and hopeless. Sometimes, however, an attempt at that suicide fails and you are left with a feeling that you are supposed to be on this earth for a longer period of time than just the short time that you have decided to live. Sometimes an attempt to close your eyes forever, opens your eyes to the beauty that life really is. After having lived through a few suicide attempts, I have realized that I am needed on this earth and there is a purpose for me here. Middle school taught me that people can be cruel. It taught me that I have to be able to keep my head high when people try to bring me down, and I need to remain strong in order to make my own happiness. When I was in middle school, there were people who made fun of me for a number of reasons, none of which are important now. Not only did those people make fun of me, but they made me believe that I was worthless. I had books thrown at my head and had people tell me that I should cut my wrists vertically so that it did the job that it was supposed to do. I believed them and thought that ending my life would have been the best way to end their torture. I had decided, one day, that I had had enough and it was time for me to let go. I wrote a note and was ready to end it after school that day, but someone had seen my note... ... middle of paper ... ...r death is my reminder that life is so precious and that people should not feel the need to be gone from this earth when there are so many people out there who love them. Kaitlyn was loved and cherished by so many people and I could not stand it if people had to stand there and see me in a casket crying and wondering why I had chosen to end my precious life. I have lived through attempts at suicide in my life. I needed to be shown that life was beautiful in order to keep me from ending my life. I have attempted to end my life before it is time to go and I had eye opening experiences that brought me back to reality and showed me that it was not my time to go. Sometimes suicide seems like the only option to a situation in life but I am here to tell you that the sadness and depression that plague this earth are only temporary, and there is hope for everyone out there.

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