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In Act 1, Scene 1, another fight breaks out between the Capulets and the Montagues. It states in the Prologue: “From ancient grudge break to new mutiny,” –Prologue, Line 3. What could this “ancient feud” between the Capulets and the Montagues be about? Shakespeare didn’t really specify what this ancient grudge is about, but I interpret that the grudge is something that gets many involved into violence. For example, could this feud have ended in Act 5, Scene 3, when Montague and Capulet shook hands? They talk of a promised golden statue that marks the end of their bitter feud, but these lines can be spoken in such a matter that it seems that Montague is trying to “outbid” Capulet, while Capulet responds by showing he is as wealthy as Montague. Perhaps the feud was financial; maybe who’s richer, or an ancient debt still unpaid. Who knows? This is just my own interpretation.

This slide shows Romeo and Juliet at the Capulet’s banquet or gathering. Romeo wears a mask to prevent being seen, for Montagues were not allowed, or even invited to this gathering. Romeo went to this gathering only for the sole purpose of meeting Rosaline again, which was Romeo’s first crush. But halfway through this “party”, Romeo saw Juliet, in which he stated he never saw true beauty until this night. He compares her to many things, such as a bright torch, a rich jewel, beauty too rich for earth, and a snowy dove among crows. This is truly true love at first sight, not founded on lust, for he shows true loyalty to Juliet later in the play.

This slide shows Romeo flirting with Juliet and begging to kiss her. Romeo uses the practice of “holy palmers’ kiss” as a foundation and to climax their love (kiss). Rom...

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...will see each other as alive, for their “foreseeing” of the future is revealed according to what they said.
The scene shown in this slide shows many changed personalities of the characters. Lady Capulet, who is usually calm and virtuous, becomes irritated at Juliet’s behaviour. Capulet, an easy-going person, is enraged at Juliet’s disobedience and unwillingness. The Nurse, who is Juliet’s comforter and counselor, becomes “wicked”, when she suggests that she marry Paris instead. Juliet also shows her maturity, by making decisions and speaking for herself on what she thinks is right. Her growth and independence starting from Act 1 to Act 3 is truly shown in this scene.
In this scene, Juliet tries to calm Capulet’s rage. Juliet tries to reason with Capulet, but Capulet does not let her. Capulet interrupts Juliet and threatens to disown her if she would not marry Paris
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