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According to Edward Hall, in his book of Silent Language, nonverbal verbal communication can be universal. This language is important considering about 92 percent of human communication is nonverbal. Body parts can give the same messages and are part of the human person. Like culture, Nonverbal can be learned but not in a formal or controlled way. It plays an important role in the human species life because it is the first communication we learn before we actually start comprehending words. There are six functions of nonverbal communications. There are First Impressions and it is when people judge you. This function can be both helpful as it is way to try to understand how your personality might be and it can be bad when the other person can come to a conclusion that is not necessarily true about you. Messages Given are the second function and it can be explained with an example of flipping your middle finger to show anger in the United States. The next function is Affect, this function has to do with someone’s emotion; in which, someone can cry for sadness or smile for happiness. Then there is Self-Presentation; for example, going to an interview and they will notice the way you dress and how well you cleaned up. This function represents the cleanliness value orientation. Others can use nonverbal communication as a way to Manipulate Others; for example, a glare from your parents means you better listen to what they tell you to do or else you will get in trouble. This function is mainly used by politicians and lawyers as a way to get citizens on their side. Nonverbal, like verbal, communication a person unfortunely Cannot Take Back a certain gesture given that sometimes this gesture is subconsciously happening without you reali... ... middle of paper ... ...language in a culture they can have multiple meanings. There was actually in instance where my brother was harassed by an adult because of a simple gesture. It was during a little league game and my brother wanted to go to the convenience store down the street. Apparently he did some sort of “sign” that was seen as negative in this adults eyes so the adult followed him back to the game while in the process also yelling at him. My brother was terrified considering he was just a teenager so he quickly approached my parents with the problem. By the time my brother approached my parents the adult decided to leave since there was a lot of people and suddenly realizing that my brother was underage. These misunderstanding can happen anywhere and at anytime so one should be aware of the norms of the cultures located in their area so they do not end up in a confrontation.

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that nonverbal verbal communication can be universal, since body parts can give the same messages and are part of the human person.
  • Explains the six functions of nonverbal communication: first impressions, messages given, affect, self-presentation, manipulation, etc.
  • Explains that kinesics is a type of nonverbal communication along with two others. it consists of four parts: illustrators, emblem, regulators, and adaptors.
  • Explains that eye contact during a conversation is very important in american culture. it tells whether the person cares about what the other person is actually saying and shows respect.
  • Explains how piercing ears in america changed through stages since the 1950s, and how tattoos came into the picture in the us.
  • Explains that the way a person walks can show variety meanings in certain cultures especially in america. men prefer walking slow because they think it is cool and smooth so they can attract the women.
  • Explains chromenics, which is how cultures value time either as important or not important in their daily lives. america is monochromic and this was established post industrial period.
  • Opines that the value of time falls under whether the culture is collectivist or individualism.
  • Explains that nonverbal communication can have multiple meanings, just like language in a culture. their brother was harassed by an adult because he did something negative.
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