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When I write about something that interests me, I will compose a satisfying paper. When I am obligated to write about something that doesn’t get my attention I will most likely write an ordinary paper. The difference about twelve grade english is that all the papers I wrote were based on things I had faced or things that I would like to become. All interesting topics. The papers I elected as my best work are papers that I thought resemble what I’ve been through and who I am the most.
My first and most beloved paper being my common college app essay. This paper showed the obstacles and circumstances of me coming to this country. I tried to paint the picture of my life as an undocumented student but at the same time I didn’t wanted to reveal too much personal information. I knew right from the beginning that I wanted to write my paper on how I came to the country. I spent my time in this because I would be submitting this essay to colleges. I spent my time checking it for errors and for transitional words and strong vocabulary. I wasn’t expecting the responses I received from my coun...

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