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Analyzing the Ethics of Zoos In today’s world, zoos are a meaningful part in a large number of people’s lives. Zoos are not only a home for animals, they are also a place for people to really enjoy themselves. Everybody has been to the zoo; they have fed the fish, enjoyed a show with seals, or just admired all of the wildlife. My Grandma and I used to go to Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha, Nebraska every year to do just these things. Henry Doorly Zoo is a place worthy of closer analysis because in 2016, TripAdvisor ranked it the number one zoo in the world. Henry Doorly Zoo has a countless number of stunning animals, though zoos inevitably upset the natural ecology for animals. Throughout the world, zoos are often a site of controversies. Henry…show more content…
The park had animals such as deer, and grizzly bear and 120 other animals. Now, Henry Doorly Zoo is a home to over 17,000 animals, and different 962 species. However, with all of these different animals in the zoo, it upsets the animals’ native ecology. Even under the best circumstances at the best zoos, a zoo cannot start to replicate the wild animals’ habitat. Where a wild animal is free to roam and explore the world, one in a zoo is confined to a small area. Also, Zoos claim to want to protect species from extinction, but usually the zoos just want animals because they are exotic or popular. These exotic animals are put into an unnatural environment and upsets their native ecology. A zoo wants these exotic animals primarily for the purpose of promoting tourism and generating money. Zoos claim to want to protect species from extinction, which sounds good on the surface, but in reality only want to draw crowd and publicity. Also zoos claim that they are helping repopulate an endangered or exotic species, but the animals in the zoo are never going to return to the wild. Animals in the wild have to survive on a daily basis. They need to hunt, or gather food, and avoid predators. Animals in the zoos never experience any of this and would not survive in the
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