Essay On Zoology

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Amy Herrera
Instructor Ram Athavale
ACA 090
16 December 2013
Zoology: A Career Goal
Why is Zoology a career goal I would like to pursue? Why not go for a career as a doctor, or a lawyer? Well ever since I was a child I have enjoyed being around animals. I have always found them interesting. Interesting in the sense of how they react to certain things or how they behave in their nature habitat. When animals are injured they need people to help them out. It is like a fifty-fifty percent chance the animal will make it out alive if the injury is severe. That is how some animals become endangered or maybe even instinct. Ever since I was in middle and high school I have always had in mind that I would study to become a Veterinarian; helping and healing dogs and cats. However that was a past dream of mine; I changed that dream to become a Zoologist. I want to become a Zoologist because I enjoy learning about wild life animals; finding them more interesting compared to the original pets at home. The thing I love the most about these two careers is that they both help animals, domestic and undomesticated. To become a Zoologist I need to fully understand what Zoology is, how I would get my career started also making sure there will be no bumps on the road, and finally being successful.
What exactly is Zoology? Zoology is a branch in biology that deals with animals and animal life. Zoologist studies the behaviors of the animals as well as their habitats. For example they would go out in the wild life searching the animal, once found they would observe from a far distance and take notes of what the animal is doing or how the animal reacts to certain things. I compare Zoology with being a doctor. There are many different types of doctors...

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... of success is doing what you love the most in life; either in career or in a hobby. For me it would have to be the love of animals and photography.
I have wanted to become a Veterinarian but then changed it to become a Zoologist. I think that Zoology is more interesting and exciting; being able to be so close up with a wild animal, an animal that you would never thought about being so close to. To get that career goal train started I will go to community college then transfer to North Carolina State University. Having to overcome my two challenges of financial and academics; overcoming financial by applying for financial aid, grants, and student loans. Overcoming my academics by studying more often, having study groups, attend tutoring, and quizzing me with flash cards. Overall I think this career goal of mine will be a success; only if I overcome my challenges.
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