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Youth is a term that is often used to describe young people. It is unclear why some young individuals engage in crime. Youth crime plays a large role in the focus of society today, as a concerning issue continually discussed by the media. The articles discussed below identified studies which conducted an attempt to discover the influence of youth crime and what particular circumstances may be impacting the problem. There are conclusive similarities and differences between the two studies, with the main similarity being that they both involve the topic of youth. Timperio, Salmon, Ball, te Velde, Brug, & Crawford (2012) conducted a study titled ‘Neighbourhood characteristics and TV viewing in youth: Nothing to do but watch TV?’ to test the hypothesis that neighbourhoods that do not encourage physical activity may support children to do inside activities instead. In the study, guardians of 169 adolescents and 190 children were required to complete survey items on the topic of services for physical activity, the safeness of the neighbourhood, the trust of the community, social networks and their child's television watching in 2006 (Timperio et al. 2012) Furthermore, Timperio, et al. (2012) suggests that an environment that is not encouraging of physical activity has assisted in generating a group of ‘indoor children’. Timperio et al. (2012) determined that the time of television watching has been associated negatively with the access to spaces for physical activity. Furthermore, Timperio et al. (2012) determined from this study that reported incidents of crime were positively associated with TV viewing cross-sectionally among children and approached significance among adolescents. Timperio et al. (2012) deliberate that it might be c... ... middle of paper ... ...lly, the studies determine potential solutions to reduce the rate of crime amongst youth. Consequently, there are also differences between the two studies. In general, the main difference between the articles is that the first study is about the influence of available recreational activities compared to television watching on crime rates, whereas the second article’s main objective is to discover whether the specific skills of supervisors influences the reoffending rates of criminals. The articles demonstrated both discuss two studies which investigated the concept of youth crime and what factors can potentially influence the rate of crime in young individuals. Timperio et al. (2012) determined that young adolescents who view TV results in higher rates of crime. Whereas Trotter (2012) discovered how skills of supervisors can reduce the risk of client’s reoffending.

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