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Yogurt face mask
Suggested Title: Soothe and protect your skin with a yogurt face mask
Suggested Title: Yoghurt the miracle ingredient for healthy skin
Suggested Title: Age proof your skin with this yogurt face mask!

Yoghurt is one of the few natural ingredients that can go right out of your refrigerator and onto your face and yet give you fantastic results. If it is so good when used on its own, imagine what it can do for you when it’s blended with other natural stuff.
Like many effective and completely natural skin care ingredients, the use of yoghurt for dermal benefits can also be credited to the ancients. The Greeks and the Indians had discovered the skin healing effects of yoghurt long before us and they continue to use the dairy product
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So, if you suffer from acne, yoghurt can help to heal your skin, prevent further bouts of zits and lighten the scars and dark spots caused by pimples. The biggest advantage is that yoghurt gets all of this done without drying your skin out.
What should you expect from your yoghurt face mask?
Yoghurt is one ingredient that benefits all skin types. So, unless you are allergic to milk/milk products, just about anybody can use it. Also, because of the lipid content in yoghurt, this is a mask that can be used more than twice a week and it can also be applied on the thin skin that surrounds the eyes.
In fact, a lot of people, including some skin care experts, approve of daily yoghurt use. But, it is best to start by using this mask once a week and work your way up to no more than thrice a week. The lactic acid in yoghurt is considerably weaker than what is included in commercial products but it is an acid nonetheless, so go slow.
The best time to use this mask is in the evening because this way your skin gets about 12 hours to heal before it is exposed to the sun. Moreover, I don’t fancy the idea of walking around smelling like fruit yoghurt, so nighttime use works for me.
Yoghurt face mask for brighter and glowing skin
• 2 tbsp
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