Essay On Yoga

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Yoga is a journey through the self to the self. Meaning that sometimes a person cannot control what is going on the outside but a person can try to control was goes on the inside of their thoughts and emotions. Yoga is defined as a Hindu spiritual ascetic discipline, a part of which, includes breath control, simple meditation, and the adoption of specific bodily postures, is widely practiced for health and relaxation. Yoga is a truly blissful and delightful process, and when done properly with an open mind can provide a person a healthy body, and a healthy mind. Yoga is a process that dedicates a person to a lifestyle and culture that can surpass meditation techniques and include. Yoga involves several aspects in its process which completes…show more content…
A person will practice their breathing in accordance with their body’s positions to properly relax and work deeper on the yoga practice. A person may experience mental exercise by thinking about certain qualities in their lives and how this may affect them. A person will try to overcome a mental barrier that has been making them upset or eager. A person may even mentally acknowledge wholesome aspects in their life. Ultimately, a person is acknowledging their thoughts and trying to cope and learn with those…show more content…
When the exercise and practice beings to slow down, so does a person’s mind. People say meditation is a good practice to go within oneself to find inner strength. A person would practice and strengthen their bodies while performing physical exercise, but mediation is an exercise for a person’s mind. Meditation allows people to remove many kinds of irregularities and abnormalities from their life while trying to find some clarity. This part of the process of yoga is delightful in order to achieve a sense of relaxation and sense of self. Ultimately, the body benefits from movement but the mind benefits from stillness.
The last aspect to the yoga process is the social connection. A yoga studio is filled with people who are at the studio for the same reasons a person might be there as well. The people a person would see at a yoga studio would have a good chance of having things in common with one another. People share their practices, their stories, their ideas. Ultimately, the yoga studio is a good place to meet people with similar ideas and hobbies. In my personal experience, I have met several friends and made close connections with other people in the studio and could predict other’s would as