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What does it take to become a “world-class” engineer? Does one have to know everything about the specific type of engineering? The answer to this question is no. Being a “world-class” engineer is so much more than just knowing all about engineering. To be a “world-class” engineer you need to have a solid foundation of the goals one sets for themselves to be successful, community building, academic development, and even a personal development. At the beginning of the year I decided that I wanted to be a Biomedical Engineer because it combines three fields that I have a passion for: Science, Mathematics, and Computer Science. I like using the Scientific Method and experimentation to test ideas and theories. Mathematics is important in not…show more content…
Biomedical Engineering combines all these fields and makes one look at the big picture to solve using a multi-disciplinary approach to specific questions and problems. Yet, now I have changed my major to Electrical Engineering with a Computer Track. I realized that Electrical Engineering was something I would have more fun with. It still contributes the same subjects that I enjoy, just in a different perspective. One may think that I will change my major again, but I know now that Electrical Engineering is for me. It is something that I will enjoy even through the hard times ahead for me. Goal Setting as a “world-class” engineering student is important because you need to know exactly what it is your are trying to achieve and how you are going to get there. You need to have a roadmap of the next four years and beyond. In this roadmap you need to include what classes you are taking, any networking that you will be doing and who it is that is going to help you to become the successful “world-class” engineer that you strive to be. Right now I am at the process of figuring out my roadmap for the next four years of my college experience. Currently I am only a semester behind in math because this semester

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