Essay On Why Students Should Not Be Pushed To Attend College

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All success is self driven by what one wants to achieve. The argument, “should parents and teachers push high school students to attend college?” has came upon many people. Pushing students to go to college is not a good idea. There is no need to push anyone to do something when they have a choice not to. The first reason is it ruins the risk for a student to find their true life passion. Second, most students do not finish all the way through college. Third, college is simply not for everyone, so it should not be pushed so hard. The first reason to why students should not be pushed to attend college is the fact that it can ruin the risks of students finding their true life passion. True life passion comes from want to succeed something.…show more content…
Many people attend college just for that fact that everyone says college is for everyone and to be successful and happy, a college degree is needed. Stated at, “College works best for students with intelligence scores placing them in the top 30% of the general population. And students seeking a college education need more than high IQ numbers.” With this being stated, one can realize that some students do not have exactly what it takes to go to college. Students all around the world have high IQ’s and some have low IQ’s. This does not mean that they can do any better than the other, but the ones who do not have much “smart brains,” might not make it through college. It can even be that some students just do not want to continue with school when they have already been through so much of it. It has been argued that to be successful a college degree is needed. It has been proven that a college degree is not always necessarily needed for one to have a good job or be successful. Saying that, students who just do not want to attend college should not be pushed to because it could simply not be for
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