Essay On Why Should You Help Sea Turtles

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Why Should You Help Sea Turtles? Think about it. You go snorkeling and down below you is a sea turtle stuck in fishing gear. It is squirming to get out, but is not able to. This is happening all over the world as you are reading this. The WWF or in other words World Wide Fund is day by day trying to figure out more solutions to the many threats that sea turtles get daily. As each day passes, these turtles are dying out and are very endangered. You can hardly find them at the beach or in the ocean anymore. They don’t have very long, so we need to help, quick! Sea Turtles are currently endangered or critically endangered depending on their species. There are four main reasons that lead to this terrible news. The first reason and one of the most important reasons that sea turtles are dying out is called bycatch. This means that sea turtles are getting caught by accident in fishing gear. When this happens, the turtle is restricted from breathing because they drown with the heavy gear. They are like humans in the sense that they need to get their head out of the water to breathe just lik...

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