Essay On Water Pollution

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RESEARCH PAPER How much does water mean to you? Is clean water becoming rarer nowadays? What chemicals are there in the water affecting so many organisms? Water is undeniably the most abundant resource we have on Earth. Yet it is becoming the most polluted thing around. Water is being affected by not only humans but also animals. These causes could be prevented. The water pollution comes from littering, chemicals leaking into the water, ships and oil spills. Water pollution has a great effect on the organisms that live in the water. Excess amounts of nitrogen are being found in the water. The nitrogen is coming from runoff of chemicals that are being put on fields. Certain prescription drugs are also showing up in the water and are harming organisms. The chemicals are harming organisms such as frogs. The frogs are being mutated and have male and female parts. Water pollution is having negative effects on our drinking water and water that we and other organisms need for everyday life. Polluted water is causing frogs to have male and female parts. The frogs are also sh...

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