Essay On War On Terrorism

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Terrorism, as destructive and heart breaking as it is has helped the United States as a country because it has forced the United States to enhance security to better protect the people who reside here. The day that the attacks on The World Trade Center took place was a truly devastating day to be an American. There was so many casualties, so many were left injured, dead, sick, mentally or physically, and there was a huge economic loss. In developing my argument, I do so in the following way. First, I discuss the war on terror generally and how terrorists can be found among any type of person. Next, I will talk about Al Qaeda and its history because this is the group that planned and pursued the attacks on The World Trade Center. Third, I will…show more content…
Between 1969 and 2009, only forty years, 38,345 terrorist attacks took place. Although only about 7% of these attacks were specifically targeting the United States, that large number of attacks is something that can not be ignored. Terrorists are found among well off and well-educated people as well as deprived, uneducated people. Terrorists can be male, female, a variety of ages, as well as any nationality. Researchers have found that terrorists hard to categorize. This is due to the fact that they can be found among sick, crazy, psychotic people, as well as healthy people. Although some terrorists may appear normal on the outside their internal personality traits are much different. Studies have shown that most terrorists have a specific set of characteristics that set them apart and classify them as a “terrorist personality”. Some of these characteristics include, spoiled, cold, disturbed, excited by violence, irrational, and fanatic. There are many terrorist attacks in particular that really shook our country, one of which is 9/11. The events that took place on 9/11 were ones that our country will never fully recover from. The intangible effect this day had on our country and its people are unprecedented . The United States responded to these attacks with intense, but necessary changes in national security as well as airport security, that have helped us to fight terror attacks up to this point
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