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A volcano is a mountain or hill, which has a vent where lava, broken pieces of rock, hot vapor, and gases are being erupted from beneath the Earth’s crust. It is unknown where the first volcano was located; however, the first one recorded was Mount Vesuvius in Naples, Italy. The ash and rock from that particular eruption engulfed Pompeii, making it hard to breath. Eventually, the ash was turned to mud from the rainfall, which soon buried it. It was said that some people were able to successfully use cloth as a filter for the unclean air around them. The process of forming volcanoes is quite simple. Over time, many parts of a volcano such as a sill and summit form on top of one another. All the while, magma from the underground reservoir builds up and eventually makes it's way through the throat of the volcano up to the surface, which is called an eruption. Once magma reaches the surface it is considered lava ("How do volcanoes form?"). Magma can come in different forms. These can range from basalt that is very fluid to andesite that has more resistance, or viscosity ("Volcanoes - Me...

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