Essay On Volcanic Eruption

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A volcano could be a mountain that opens downward to a reservoir of melted rock below the surface of the world. in contrast to most mountains, that area unit pushed up from below, volcanoes area unit vents through that melted rock escapes to the earth’s surface. once pressure from gases among the melted rock becomes too nice, associate eruption happens. Eruptions may be quiet or explosive. There could also be volcanic rock flows, two-dimensional landscapes, toxic gases, and flying rock and ash that may generally travel many miles downwind. Because of their intense heat, volcanic rock flows area unit nice fireplace hazards. volcanic rock flows destroy everything in their path, however most inch enough that folks will move out of the approach. Fresh volcanic ash, made from small-grained rock, may be abrasive, acidic, gritty, gassy and odorous. whereas not instantly dangerous to most adults, the acidic gas and ash will cause respiratory organ harm to tiny infants, to older adults and to those plagued by severe metabolism diseases. Volcanic ash can also harm machinery, as well as en...
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