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A company’s strategies are the actions that facilitate a company to meet its objectives. These objectives are what is needed to be achieved in order to attain goals. Vodafone has established five long-term strategic objectives for the company. The telecommunication company main strategic objective is to maximize profits in Europe as well as cut down on costs. Profits can be an incentive for investors to take the risks of getting a hold of dividends of the company.

Another company plan or objective is to grow in emerging markets. This either means growth in sales or by growth in market share. There are many benefits for growth in the emerging markets. This includes benefiting from economies of scale, market gain, and reduced risks.

Being a large company, Vodafone is able to benefit from economies of scales such as having the ability to borrow money from banks at a low cost. Also, being able to benefit from economies of scales includes having low production cost, therefore making their prices competitive. Gaining market power means that the company may be able to maximize profits through high prices. Finally, being involved in different markets means that Vodafone enjoys reduced risks, so if doing business in one market isn’t successful, there are other markets to continue operations.

Vodafone also has an objective to satisfy its customer’s needs and extend through innovation. This may help the company stay competitive. In addition to competition, it allows the company to have a strong and reputable company image. This can be an attraction for high-level employees.

The final strategic objectives of the company is to maximize returns through managing Vodafone’s portfolio, as well as support Vodafone’s strategy through ‘align...

... middle of paper ... in achieving the strategic goals of the company.
• Understand the potential advantages and disadvantages of the MNC unit in terms of its structure, staff and HR.
• Understand how to approach decision-making and understand their circumstances.
• Understand the external environment carefully.
• Recognize and communicate the importance of planning in achieving overall company success.

Organization design is important to the long-term performance of the company. The increased demand for quality has an effect on the pressure level faced by Nick to listen to their customers. This pressure has an immediate effect on the efficiency and effectiveness of the business units of the company. To be an effective leader, Nick needs to have competence so that he is prepared to cope with the demands of customers and to cope with the business unit environment and its pressures.
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