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The Bosnian War
Marcus K. Bleckley
Excelsior College

The Bosnian War
Bosnia today is still predominantly poor and is much divided. Even after almost twenty years since the Bosnian Revolution (1992-1995). Bosnia is in the throes of ethnic tension and political corruption. As a result of the Dayton Peace Agreement signed in 1995, Bosnia and Herzegovina were broken into two entities. The larger area is called the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. This area is populated by the Bosniaks and the Bosnian Croats. The Bosniaks are those people whose heritage is Muslim. However, they do not necessarily all have the Muslim belief system. The Bosnian Croats are of mostly the Roman Catholic religion. The smaller area called the Republika Srpska is populated by the Serbs which are predominately Orthodox Christians (Hunt, Durakovic, & Radeljkovic, 2013). As alluded to previously, it is important to note that each of these territories is based on the religious beliefs of the majority respectively. It does not necessarily represent everyone’s belief in that outlined ethnic territory.
Although this war lasted a relatively short time, approximately three and a half years, from 1992 through 1995, the death and destruction left behind, still haunts the people of Bosnia today(Neu, J., 2012). This paper is going to briefly review my initial impressions of the economic, cultural, political, and territorial causes for this most horrendous conflict. Even though all of these issues are interrelated and each important in their own right, the main purpose of this paper is to focus on what I consider to be at the root of the conflict, the ethnicity aspect of the conflict. Finally, I will discuss why I chose this particular topic and give some parting thoughts on this violent conflict in Bosnia.
On the surface, there seems to be no noticeable outlier in the economic, cultural

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