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Breathtaking-view-at-Everest-Base-Camp The glorious Mount Everest stands so tall that even reaching its base camp is among the most admired adventure. Thousands of people trek to Everest Base Camp every year to get a taste of its glory and beauty. Many prefer to take a guide or join an organized trek to enjoy this wonderful trek without any hassle. Some of us like to be more independent and do not prefer to have a guide or a travel agency in order to enjoy the splendor of these mountains. Some of the treks like Mera peak climbing will not allow you to trek independently due to its complex route and technical difficulties. But the situation is not the same for the famous Everest Base camp trek. Due to the large number of visitors to the region,…show more content…
You will find plenty of cheap good maps and guidebooks for the trek in the main cities. Carry some good maps and read some good guidebook for you to walk the most magnificent trekking trail with ease. 2. Respect the local culture: Everest region is the home to the famous mountaineers the “Sherpa”. Sherpa Culture is unique and different compared to the culture found in the lower hilly region of the country. Thus, it will be a good idea to learn a little about the local culture and people beforehand. This will not only help you to have an insightful adventure, but also prevent unintentionally offending the local culture. 3. Basic Nepali: Although Nepali is not the native language spoken in the Everest region, it is better to know a basic Nepali to communicate to the locals and the lodge keepers. Nepali is widely understood all over Nepal and may be better language to communicate than English. The basic Nepali language skills will help you while asking for directions and even asking for some important information about the place. Greeting the locals “Tashidele” and “Namaste” may be a great way to start a new friendship with the

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