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At the beginning, virtual reality try to make people understand that itself has the ability for a great medium, new entertainment and also very powerful type of art (Bates, 1991). Besides, according to Encyclopedia of Virtual Environments, 2006, they defined the virtual reality is a human-computer interface in which the computer creates a sensory-immersing environment that interactively responds to and is controlled by the behavior of the user. Virtual reality is popular in many areas such as education, architecture and entertainment. The most noticeable in virtual reality is in entertainment application. Through the idea that was presented by Ivan Sutherland, 1965, virtual reality can mimic our real life to make the world look real, sound real, feel real and realistically to the viewer’s actions. Virtual reality can immerse in 3D visual world (Jessica, 2002). Virtual reality with the computer can simulate the three dimensional image and environment. It can be seen real when it is interact with physical way by person that using electric equipment like gloves and helmet. Example of the game is kinect for xbox 360 that we can use our body to become the controller. Kinect sensor also can track our movement such as jump or dance. Besides that, it is like we can explore the game world like mountain, a long river and big aquarium. In addition we are allowed to choose which avatar we want. The movement of the avatar is the same as we do because the avatar can detect the movement of the real person through sensor.

Motivation behind the study
Growing industry nowadays react so fast to produce more software games that are targeted to children and adolescent who are fascinated by these games. Some of the games are mainly create...

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...on of the players. For example, the voice can do a command to start, stop and pause the game. Besides that, game designers need to create game complexity. The difficulty of level measures the player’s ability. The players need to choose which level they are able with. Plus, reward will give to them for each score they get. From that reward, it will boost up their courage to continue playing. Then, kinect is too expensive for some people. They cannot afford it. Government at least provide each kinect xbox to each University or school to entertain them for many benefits. Besides, kinect xbox also can provide for any patient that have problem with their movements. The importance of taking into consideration related human factors, such as patient satisfaction and motivation is the key to ensure patient involvement and to achieve a successful treatment [ Mendoca, 2007 ].
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