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Trevor Pate
Ms. Rollins
28 Apr. 2014
Violent Media: Does it cause Violence?
Media is something used in our daily lives that we use for entertainment. The media ranges from music, movies, television shows, and video games. However there has been a lot of controversy over whether or not violent media links to violence in real life. Most people believe it is just used for entertainment, nothing else. Others believe, with the recent shootings and bombings, that the violent media links to theses events. Violence in media is just a risk factor that can cause aggressive behavior among observers. So to an extent, violent media does cause violence in real life; however, knowing the difference between reality and fantasy is also a factor.
Music is a form of media that plays a huge role. Music varies and everyone has a different taste in music. Although some prefer to listen to more violent music compared to others, it doesn't mean that they are a violent person. The controversy is that researchers believe listening to violent lyrics in music helps encourage listeners to act out violent acts. Even though there has been less research conducted on music as whether or not it has any effect (Source A). A genre of music that some believe to be a main cause of this is gangster rap. Gangster rap is a subgenre of Hip Hop that contains lyrics about the life of an “American Gangster.” These songs are about the low-income lives that these rappers come from. They are about the things that they have done to support themselves. The artists are rapping about their lives and showing what it is like living in poverty. Rappers do not try and encourage violence, instead they express their lives through the music. However some do not realize the true me...

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...rce D). Some believe that violent media causes violence in reality, yet there is no direct correlation as to whether or not that it does.
Violent media is part of our lives. It is something that will never be completely abolished. Violent media has been accused of causing violence in reality but all that can be proven is that it is just a factor. Many studies have been recorded and reviewed but yet none of them can show a direct relationship between the two. Violent media is just something that, as a group, we have to put up with. Most of us enjoy it for entertainment and we understand that it is not reality, we know the difference. Others believe that it inspires and encourages violent behavior yet a direct relationship cannot be found. However, to the certain extent that it plays a factor, violent media does cause violence in reality.
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