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Vegan People In the first place, it is important to know the meaning of Vegan. Vegan is the person who doesn’t eat or use any type of animal products. Furthermore, Veganism is a kind of vegetarian diet that doesn’t include meat, dairy product, eggs and other animal product. Also, vegans don’t eat food that is processed using animals such as wines or white sugar. In addition, many people will ask the same question, what do vegan people eat? - They eat all types of grains, legumes, beans, vegetables, fruits, vegan hot dogs, cheese, ice cream and mayonnaise. Also, vegans eat burrito without sour cream or cheese. A typical plate for a vegan it will be a wrap or a healthy vegetable soup, therefore it is low calories food and it also tends to…show more content…
It requires a lot of time and planning. This could be the reason why people take short periods of time trying vegan diets, because it turns difficult to follow the rules and also because some of the people do it as an experiment. Other kind of people finds inspiration and motivation in famous people such as Beyonce or Bill Gates. In fact, it will be worth to try it in a short period of time and see if you like it. Because some people say that it is difficult, because you feel hungry every time or you can feel weak because your body is not receiving a large amount of…show more content…
Vegan diets are full of Vitamin C, Which keeps your gums healthy. Vitamin C that is an antioxidant and also maintains your bruises heals faster. Carbohydrates, which provides energy for your body and a lack of carbohydrates will burn muscle tissue. Vitamin E, benefits heart, brain, skin and eyes. It may prevent Alzheimer’s disease and fiber, which fight against colon cancer and it is the nutrient most common in a vegan diet. Equally important, the disease prevention: You can prevent lots of types of cancer but specially prostate cancer which with the vegan diet showed according Studies that can stop the progress of it. Another one is the color cancer, because Eating a lot f whole grains and vegetables can reduce the chances of colon cancer. Then, the arthritis, some Studies found that the combination of vegan diet and gluten-free food improve the health and be far from suffering this disease. Coupled with the last one, the osteoporosis, vegan diet full of potassium, little amounts of proteins and low sodium can prevent it. Moreover, some of the physical benefits that vegan diet has are the hair because it becomes stronger and it looks healthier. Also, the nails become stronger and healthier. The last group of benefits is the healthy eating that comes up with new ideas about cooking at the dinnertime, which it can be fun for the people. At the same time, you can find a

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