Essay On Valles Caldera Volcano

Valles Caldera Volcano
The super volcano and the hot magma beneath the caldera can cause an eruption which will cover Las Alamos, and many small towns in the region

Brandon Neel
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One of the largest and youngest volcanoes and considered a super volcano in the United States is known as the Valles Caldera. The location of the volcano is in the Jemez Mountains by Santa Fe New Mexico. New research from the scientists in the Valles Caldera concerning ejected microscopic textured rock and hot magma beneath the caldera can cause an eruption which will cover Las Alamos, and many small towns in the area. The ejected textured rock from the eruption 60,000 years ago, illustrates that the Valles Caldera is in a new stage of volcanic activity. The hot magma beneath the crust may indicate an eruption tomorrow or near future. If the volcano does erupt it will cover Las Alamos and the many small towns in the area; therefore, a monitoring program is to keep a watch on the volcanic activity is recommended.
The developed volcano occurred around 1.25 million years ago when the volcano erupted into the stratosphere. The Valles Caldera is roughly 25 kilometers in diameter or 15.53 miles wide. As of right now the Valles Caldera volcano is dormant at this time, however, the scientist believes that there will be an eruption any time soon. The new studies have showed that the last eruption the volcano has had was around 60,000 years ago and by studying the ejected microscopic rock indicates that the volcano has entered into a new phase of volcanic movement.

Evolution of the Valles Caldera

The first graph show how the Valles Caldera volcano was formed. The top section was the early eruptions of lava and ash which sta...

... middle of paper ... the region have become fruitful where the volcanic ash had built up and the marine life can develop from the iron and the silica from the volcanic ash. The caldera eruptions have only happen two to four events per million years.

The Valles Caldera volcano or super volcano is right now a dormant volcano, but this super volcano can erupt anytime. If this volcano erupts into the atmosphere it will cover Las Alamos and many small towns in the region. The eruption of the Valles caldera volcano can alter the climate change which will not only harm the animal population, but also the environment. Scientist is still researching the volcano even though they do not know when the next eruption will take place. The scientists have studied the rocks over the previous eruptions and have taken place before when they were drilling into the heart of the Valles Caldera.

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